Our 20 years of experience enables us to deal effectively with individuals experiencing all types of transition which necessitates the valuation and /or sale of personal property.   We handle all aspects of the sale, including displaying, pricing, appraising and advertising.

Evaluation of Property
It is important to select professionals who have the expertise and experience to do the job properly and efficiently and who can obtain the hightest possible return for their clients.  Our pricing reflects today's market with the focus on generating sales.  If outside resources are needed to make an accuarate evaluation of rare items, this is done at no additional charge to the client.  
Marketing and Advertising
Our marketing and advertising expertise results in drawing a large number of potential buyers to our client's sales.  Sales are effectively advertised in newspapers.  We email information to potential customers and list the sales on this website.  Additionally, bright yellow signs are placed in the neighborhood of the sale to draw customers.
Displaying of Items and the Sale Itself
​All items are attractively displayed throughout the house.  Every aspect of the sale is carefully organized and executed.  We supply tables and display cases as needed.  When the sale begins, potential buyers are welcomed into the home in an orderly fashion, preventing overcrowding and confusion.  Customers are free to walk through the home to select items they wish to purchase and a sales person records each item selected.  Items are then brought to the cashier and after payment in full, the buyers are allowed to remove their purchases.  Customers may pay by cash or check.  We maintain the safety and security of all items and our friendly staff provides great customer service.
Fees for the above services are negotiated at the time of consultation and are based on a percentage of the gross sales.  After the sale, clients will receive payment reflecting the deductions agreed upon as well as an accurate accounting of all sales.
Additional Services
A free consultation is available to all customers.  Information and assistance is available for final donation of unsold goods and refuse.  We also do appraisals for insurance purposes, tax evaluation, charitable donations and family divisons.